imag001Polcih Excavating not only does Excavating in Door County, but Septic Systems as well.

They are also known for digging basements, soil testing, trucking, ponds and more.

If you have use Polich excavating for any of these services in the past, we love to post your thoughts and reviews in order that we may help others with their Excavating and plumbing needs.

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When Door County condemned my septic tank I shopped for a contractor to replace it. I called Polich Excavating and Plumbing. Tony Polich came to my house and told me what they would do and about what it would cost. I went to see Tony; I hired him and told him when my due date was. Two weeks went by and I called Tony to see when he was coming, he told me we had a lot of time and he would get there as soon as he could. Two weeks later I got a citation from the sanitarian. I went to see Tony with my ticket and he said he was sorry and that the County always called when one of his customers was close to the due date. Tony said that he would go to court with me but I told I would go and tell them what he told me. I went to court and told the Judge that Tony was the busiest guy in Door County and he tried to get to me as soon as he could and that the County didn’t call him. The Judge said the sanitarian was in court and we could talk in the hall. The sanitarian said he was sorry and that I must slipped through the cracks, he said that he would recommend my case be dismissed which it was, saving me $175.00. Tony came two days later and replaced my tank in a day. He did a great job and when he was done the job site was as good as before. When I got my bill I was happy to see that it was below his low bid. I would recommend Tony any time.

Mark de Young

Egg Harbor